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DREAMS & BLOOM Little Brother


Quite possibly the most heart-breaking song to emerge in recent months, DREAMS & BLOOM aim straight for the soul, with the beautifully genuine ode that is Little Brother.

An organic and fairly raw indie set-up guides us, electric guitars and an ongoing, marching rhythm. Then we get light and dreamy vocals that feel both intimate and uncertain. It’s a moving song in and of itself, but Little Brother hits with all the more impact when accompanied by its post-five-minute video of exclusively home-movies.

While it’s unclear the entirety of the story, at first we get a sense of loss that’s almost too difficult to bear. The crackle of the retro audio meets with the visual similarity found in these home-movies, and the blissfully happy toddler at play powerfully contrasts the heartache of the lyrics. ‘You left in a rush, no time to say goodbye’.

Later on there’s talk of making calls, wondering when it stops, and of people being judgemental. There’s also intriguing talk in small doses, “Accumulated body with white paradise”, which conjures up a whole new set of possibilities. And again this idea of not judging resounds. Ultimately though, we always resolve back to this refreshingly honest and revealing sentiment – “I still hold you, I’m here for you, I still love you…”

Gorgeously humble yet purposeful in its softness and soul, Little Brother is the kind of song that feels incredibly personal, yet reaches out in an instant to prompt memories and thoughts unique to each individual listener. It’s a release that will get you thinking of your own siblings and those you hold close, even relationships or lives that were lost, and it probably won’t be easy; but that’s the role of meaningful art and music.

Really beautiful, a pleasure to know about, from a band with a respectably subtle yet striking approach to creativity.

Grab the album Through Obstacles here. Check out Dreams & Bloom on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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