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Pablo Le’Cass Honey Come On


Honey Come On is a multilayered indie-rock anthem that draws inspiration from the very best parts of melodic rock, as well as from the more personal and reflective side of singer-songwriter creativity. Pablo Le’Cass presents audiences with a huge sound, the full experience of musical weight and warmth, complete with cascading guitar parts and manic drums – not to mention an increasingly passionate leading vocal.

As the song plays on, the chord progression quickly becomes this familiar soundscape, the descending note collectives create a mighty backbone for the songwriting and performance that will follow. It’s a song that starts off in a fairly easy going manner. Only later on, when the elements involved begin to collide and collaborate, are you truly hit with the force of the sentiment and the melody and the overall mood.

The sound is the sort that you don’t commonly stumble upon these days, it brings with it a touch of nostalgia from perhaps the very first instances of indie-rock that redirected our opinions of organic or non-pop music. What works well though about this particular release, is that although the sound is heavy and intense, to the point that you can tell how all encompassing and effective a live show would be, there’s also a clever and consistent inclusion of something a little more pop-inspired. The chord progression, the melody, the build up – it’s heavy yet accessible, energetic yet warm. This makes all the difference in reaching out to a much wider audience, the likes of whom may well fall into any number of categories when it comes to musical preferences. Pablo Le’Cass offers high energy and melody and emotion, and that’s what you get from this release.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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