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P33 Torment (EP)


Ambient soundscapes and raspy, expressive vocals lay bare a series of deeply personal, revealing story-lines throughout this notably emotive, softly passionate yet dreamlike new EP from P33.

The aptly titled project Torment takes listeners through the turmoils of contemporary life – thoughts on existence and the self intertwine with those of relationships, love and longing.

From the opener Gone we get a clear sense of the artist as a thoughtful writer and intimate performer – this connection stands tall already, and quality production blends well with an otherwise raw delivery to present something decidedly authentic. And this continues throughout.

My Home is perhaps all of these qualities and then some. The soundscape has an acoustic feel, prompting listeners to consider the live solo aspect. The melody is quickly memorable, addictive even, the vocal incredibly grainy and tired, genuine and at one with the deeply open, honest lyrics.

A few different producers help make Torment what it is, adding subtle eclecticism but never taking away from the general mood and intentions of the artist.

AYWMAYEH? is perhaps the most hypnotic and revealing of all – an entrancing, late-night anthem, which sees P33 delve into his personal trauma, his demons and his desire for hope and a feeling of possibility. Musically a personal favorite, easy to let play on repeat.

It’s easy to pigeon-hole this kind of contemporary songwriting given the success of artists like Lil Peep not too long ago, but here we get a true artist, known to be so for his unique stories, his vocal clarity and depth, and the fullness and organic nature of many of these soundscapes.

What It Takes is a well-placed moment of quiet reflection – a calmer set-up, gentle vocals and equally gentle finger-picking. This is a big moment for the EP, despite its small appearance – this delicacy leads well into the questioning, forward-thinking nature of the lyrics later on. The beat drops in, the bass warms things up, the melody weaves its infectious web around you.

At the final hurdle, Heal is a crucial track, laying bare a whole other side to the artist, featuring a spoken word intro and a gorgeous guitar-led composition that tips its hat to the earlier emo-rock acts of the nineties. A seductive melody rises up passionately for short lines that again showcase a certain longing for clarity and calm. Beautifully crafted, another highlight, and a perfect final addition to this deeply human, emotional yet creative new EP. Well worth escaping into for a while.

Download or stream the project here. Find & follow P33 on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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