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P-wize The EMCEE Real Life


P-wize the EMCEE is an artist who holds close to that retro, 90s vibe in every way – the ambiance on this latest track is blissfully vintage but fresh in presentation. The instrumentation features the hopeful layers of a simpler time, flickers of jazz and a classic beat drive the lightness of it all. On top of this, his vocal delivery has a calming, mellow style to it, which comes through as pretty refreshing in among such a fast-paced world of modern rap. The story-line is clear cut, his sense of character runs deep, and Real Life offers everything the title promises with regard to his world and his viewpoint within it.

You quickly acclimatize to P-wize’s rap style and musicality because there’s something comfortingly nostalgic about it. We’re thinking about the days when story-telling and passion were at the heart of hip hop – not speed or volume or hype. There’s a realness to his words and to his approach to expression, plus the track is decidedly creative on top of this, so what you get is something that effectively stands tall among its peers.

Musically Real Life has a lot that speaks loudly but in a subtle way. The instrumental break and these spoken word snippets – talk of electrical signals in the brain – as well as the consistent choir of voices, and any number of other details that build it all up around you – all of this works in favour of what quickly becomes an unexpectedly unusual piece of music and performance. There are flickers of retro gaming mixed in, a fine balance between the organic and electronic worlds, and alongside of all of this is the artist’s voice, his words, and his unwavering dedication to the craft.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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