P Myerz - Carousel - Stereo Stickman

P Myerz Carousel


Emotive acoustic vibes start up this melodic emo-rap and pop fusion single from a devoted and genuine P Myerz.

Blending layers of colour and electro-pop intricacies with a contemporary rap vocal line and simple hook melody, Carousel proves an intimate display of loving reflection and vulnerability.

It’s a modern love song, in short – familiar by design and refreshingly creative on the musical front, with an edge of metaphor, poetic uncertainty, and that rap vocal style made popular in recent years. Ultimately though, the unity between genres leads to a sense of identity that’s true to P Myerz; recognisable as this artist.

Despite a brief two-minute lifespan, Carousel works its magic with ease – the release is subtly catchy, non-intrusive in providing that essential ear worm. It’s also immediately uplifting, relieving the weight of the world, emerging as naturally likeable, and quickly prompting a replay for its fresh finish and timeless quality combined.

It will be interesting hearing where else the music takes P Myerz in the coming months.

Download or stream Carousel here. Check out P Myerz on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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