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P.M.K.S Everyday is Christmas


P.M.K.S celebrate love and the Christmas season all at once with this single. Everyday Is Christmas is perhaps the band’s most organic release yet. The instrumentation takes the form of acoustic guitars, strings, and a mellow, live drum-line, as well as some surprisingly raw, smooth and unaffected vocals.

There’s a delicate Americana aura to the sound, it’s an easy track to let play and indeed to enjoy. What many listeners might find particularly appealing is that the song doesn’t overdo it with the bells and the energy and the seasonal references. This is a subtle piece, and as stated – its purpose is to celebrate love, togetherness. The song embraces living in the moment with the one you love, and it does so with every single fiber of its make-up.

Never one to fall victim to predictability, this is nothing like you might expect from P.M.K.S, and rightfully so. Spike’s creativity as a writer knows no limits, and this is another testament to that very quality. The verses of the song offer a certain softness, a vulnerability and a calmness, and the hook resolves effectively and provides a moment of shared appreciation. There’s nothing overly personal about the lyrics, so the audience can take this as their own – the best songs often feel as if they were written purely for the listener, whoever she or he is.

P.M.K.S have crafted this one with care, and even without the seasonal edge – there’s something inherently pleasant and entrancing about the way the music progresses. The instrumental details are beautiful, and the leading voice has such a tender, whispered nature to it. As far as Christmas songs go, this is undoubtedly one of the more easy to access, rather humble, enjoyable releases to date.

Stream the single on Soundcloud. Check out the band’s Christmas hit from last year – (Christmas Time In) Holly Lane.

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