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P.M.K.S Broken On A Wheel


Almost immediately after returning home to the UK and releasing a full length album, Spike of P.M.K.S is pushing forwards with creative expression yet again, and this song is a totally unexpected step in a much more delicately crafted direction. The punk-rock and electronica fall away, a simple and beautiful piano part is gradually accompanied by a classic beat, and there’s something particularly emotional about Spike’s vocal delivery here that carries the song in a notably poignant manner.

Broken On A Wheel is a song likely inspired by the same issues and social difficulties that have inspired most of P.M.K.S’ work. The second verse offers a little more detail in this regard, but the metaphor at the centre of the song’s lyricism does well to drive with poetic reflection and beauty. Spike’s voice has a traditionally rock-ready tone, so to hear this broken down performance, among talk of the evil of men – it hits with an additional level of pain.

There’s a simple progression to this song, it’s minimalist in nature – the lines are short, the rhythm of the vocal hook weaves a hypnotic web within the soundscape, and so the latter moments – the added vocals, the guitar solo meandering in the backdrop – work well to create an easy to escape among piece of music. It actually feels a lot warmer and more hopeful or optimistic towards the end. The doubled vocals build a sense of togetherness, and the repetition grouped with the final idea – I’ll help you heal – has a definite brightness about it.

This progression from the sadness to the possibility is cleverly captured. The song deals with heartache and turmoil, but it ends on a high – something we need much more of in times like this. There is hope, things do get better, and the more people speak about it the more we start to understand each other and connect and move forwards.

Check out a live version of the song on YouTube.

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