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Owl Green Flavor


Crisp and clean vocals guide listeners through a captivating series of images and story-telling, backed up by a quickly likeable, engaging and uplifting soundscape, to introduce the artist behind this brand new single Flavor.

Owl Green has crafted a catchy classic with this release, refreshing for its clarity and openness, infectious for its pop-like rhythm and colour and its clever use of melody.

Inspired by the likes of Andre 3000 and Anderson.Paak, Owl Green lays bare a clear level of character and intention. Not confined by genre, blending elements of delicate sound design with classic pop and confident yet mellow hits of hip hop, this track is an easy one to like, delivered in a way that leaves you keen to check out more music from the LA rapper and artist.

There’s a subtle humility to the lyrics and performance of this track. Structurally it paves its own way, occasionally switching pace, changing the details, moving from rap to melody and back again. Vocally that essential confidence is clear and steady, but it kicks in with a certain inspiring, motivational and appreciative nature – it prompts you to be grateful for the little things, to show love to those you hold close; to spend time with those who matter.

Nicely done, a summer anthem with a refreshing twist of personality.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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