OTPKY5 - JOKES UP - Stereo Stickman



Brief yet memorable, musically fresh and vocally impressive, OTPKY5’s JOKES UP leads us towards the appeal of the brand new album NERDY TALK with a definite sense of style.

Somewhat nostalgic in its vocal clarity, notably carefree in confidence and freestyle meandering flow moments alike, JOKES UP brings a classic flavour to contemporary performance.

Underneath this, a simple musicality no doubt elevates the whole energy of the track – drawing focus and creating contrast with the voice, offering a simple, even delicate melodic riff and intermittent rhythm; qualities working in favour of the recognisable identity of the whole release.

Emerging united with an equally simple yet effective video, the persona and presence of OTPKY5 is unmistakable, and the clarity and creative edge no doubt make a difference regarding longevity right about now.

Fortunately, the album devotedly follows suit – switching gears throughout, with ten original tracks and a plethora of stories, clever dashes of wordplay, and minimalist yet colourful production. It feels like a no-fucks-given project, but with a juxtaposed edge of artistry and intention, and a clear love for the process – all of which boldly runs throughout.

Check out the music here or find OTPKY5 on Apple & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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