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Osyus Overthinker


Classic and even vintage good vibes pour through with authenticity and relevance all at once for this latest release from artist and rapper Osyus.

Visually and creatively tackling the topics of the moment, yet keeping this subtle and lyrically focusing on a personal sense of immersion within the concept, Overthinker feels like a decidedly poignant single considering the past twelve months we’ve all shared.

At the same time, the age-old, vinyl-like crackle of the sound-play and the equally raw, home-made accompanying video, inject a certain level of nostalgia that contrasts with this unsettling relevance in a stylish way. Longing for simpler times is all the more common now, and Overthinker exemplifies this well.

Featuring impressive verses that slowly but surely hit with increasing impact, Overthinker not only sounds like a timeless classic, but introduces the Osyus writing and performance style in a memorable way. With varied flows and mildly theatrical traits throughout, there’s always something fresh to pick up on, and the emotional integrity of it all, the openness, is incredibly easy to connect with right about now.

A fresh take on personal turmoil, with an edge of hardship but an essential dash of poetically clever word-play at the same time.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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