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ORO Escape (feat. China Fox)


Escape takes a simplistic approach at first and presents audiences with the minimalist beauty of a considerate and emotional musical backdrop alongside of a gorgeously performed melody and concept. As things move forward, the track evolves into something gorgeous to witness – the emerging soundscape offers up a series of instrumental moments that are all at once unexpected and perfectly fitting.

At its core, this is a well written pop song with an ambient and beautiful musicality. When you really tune in though, there’s a lot more here than your average pop-meets-EDM release. The standard or effective building blocks are there – the hook, the structure, the delicacy and contrasting power. In addition though, you get so much colour – a horn section, a further touch of unpredictable instrumentation, these various snippets or details that really help give the release character. And on top of this, the leading vocalist presents the raw emotion and melody of the song in a beautiful yet not overbearing way.

The singer is not someone fighting to be heard by consistently underlining an ability to reach every possible note. On the contrary, the vocal performance grabs your attention because it has a certain quiet strength – a realness or humbleness that appeals on a very genuine, human level. This, in collaboration with the unusual yet familiar nature of the music, makes for something that is comforting and in keeping with mainstream trends of recent years, and at the same time is fresh, loaded with identity, and unlike most releases of similar set-up. It’s a careful balance, not an easy thing to achieve. There’s a professionalism to it all but also something quite authentic and endearing, which adds appeal and value in a simple and enjoyable way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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