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OriginEL Jay Smoke2That


Uniquely juxtaposed sound-design backs up this fast-paced outpouring from the UK’s own OriginEL Jay.

Bringing together surprisingly dreamlike, light synth riffs and contrastingly heavy, dirty bass-lines and details, Smoke2That offers a mellow yet creative musicality to support the sheer high-energy and faultless bars of the rapper.

Consistently resolving back to the hook that is the title concept, relatable and catchy, the track features verses in between these moments that leave you keen to sift back through the lyrics for the roots of the work.

Freestyle-like and refusing to slow down, OriginEL Jay has a clear level of identity to his style – reigniting the freedom of the UK sound but weaving in a creatively fresh musical backbone at the very same time.

Impressive in character and rhyme scheme, musically fresh – Smoke2That feels nostalgic and simple at the same time as being original and refreshing in its carefree yet clever take on the subject.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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