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Ooberfuse Ignite


Ooberfuse’ return this year brings an intense and striking new single that offers an immediately captivating level of weight and energy, as well as an underlying message that seeks to inspire and unite people. Everything about this track hits hard – it feels completely fresh, unique, recognisable as its own thing, and completely different in a lot of ways from anything Ooberfuse have previously done.

Ignite is a heavy song, beautifully crafted and produced to a standard that allows every little detail to stand tall; as well as making certain that everything within works towards that shared goal, that shared sentiment. The beat has a certain alternative dance feel to it, leaning towards the darker side of EDM in some respects, but never veering off too intensely. Structurally there’s a lot to appreciate as the piece keeps your interest in a number of different ways. From the offset, those hyperactive, meandering synths seem to cascade and intertwine with one-another. The beat has a mildly tribal aura about it that works really well in this alternative, electronic setting. The bass-line as well, this holds so much power – the hit of those deeper notes really brings a sense of life and hypnotic rhythm to the piece. It’s a mellow instance of movement in among a light and chaotic soundscape, and it works.

On top of everything, the voices that drive the central ideas of the song add so much in the way of character and contrast and meaning. The sung vocal has a lighter nature to it, almost whispered and floating way up there at the higher end of the musical spectrum. The rap vocal brings a male perspective to the scene and adds a further dynamic, increasing the mightiness of the structure and helping that inherent sense of possibility and togetherness really shine. There’s also a distinctly compelling breakaway from all of this, a change in language and pace, a change in the mood of the soundscape. Again, this adds so much that keeps you entranced. It’s a huge track, it makes sense as an Ooberfuse release as it has their creativity written all over it, but it’s also incredibly fresh and energizing to listen to.

Ignite will be available to download as of June 12th. Find & follow Ooberfuse on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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