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ONEDUO Cross My Heart (Feat. Ria Lucia)


ONEDUO’s breakthrough in 2019 brings a crisp, clean and energizing new track with a gorgeously ambient and melodic dance backdrop.

Ria Lucia’s featured vocal introduces the song in an immediately appealing and calming manner, though among this you can also clearly hear the professional and creative nature of the soundscape. As things build, every vocal and every¬†layer that makes up the entire journey adds something colourful and emotionally relevant to the mix.

There’s a brilliant sense of rising intensity and passion to the track – this rings true throughout the performances and indeed in the production. The details are everything, a rhythmic and uplifting piece of music pours through – complete with artistic stops and starts, pauses and subsequent drops. There are moments of vocal bareness and intimacy, as well as some that hit with a little more weight and poignancy.

The melody is simple yet effective, and more than this – it feels totally new; a rare quality to achieve these days. ONEDUO skillfully walk the line between that which is familiar and that which is fully original.

In addition to all of this, the song’s lyrics paint a similarly unique picture before you. The back and forth between the two vocals helps reinforce the honesty and heat expressed in the ideas. There’s poetry and intimacy intertwined, the personal touch walks in unison with something a little more romantically vague – making it easier for the listener to attach their own journey and experiences to the music.

Cross My Heart sounds beautiful, passionate and musically supreme from a production perspective. It’s memorable in a subtle fashion, not intrusive or irritating to have running through your mind – on the contrary, it feels soothing to consider the loyalty and love at the heart of the song; even with its turmoil and regret – that realness is everything. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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