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Omer B ToKarma (Feat. Sofia Grosclaude)


“Experience the seamless blend of innovation and tradition, transporting you to realms unknown.”

Introducing the latest instrumental gem from musician and composer Omer B, the collaborative ToKarma brings together humanity and artificial intelligence across a colourful soundscape of layered voices, guitars, rhythms and fragments of warmth.

Featuring the vocal talents of Sofia Grosclaude, ToKarma presents an enchanting soul-rock arrangement of meandering bass and electric guitars, amidst subtle effects, bends, descending patterns and subtle production traits, for an instantly uplifting audio venture.

With additional backing vocals from Juan Miguel Alcantara, Bass from Isabel Santoro, Drums by Glenn Welman, Flute by Adi B, and composer Omer B on guitar, ToKarma once again shines brightly with the strength of unity in numbers.

Somewhat more cinematic than ever before, ToKarma builds up its energy and presence throughout, the final quarter depicting a cascading array of layers that present a worthy crescendo of all familiar traits leading up to it.

The result is a naturally soothing ambiance, but one with likable and, importantly, recognizable traits – the sort that make ToKarma easy to pinpoint once it’s crossed your path.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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