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Omer B Orange Jam


Everything its title promises and then some – Omer B’s latest globally collaborative gem is the aptly-named Orange Jam; a funky celebration of fun-loving musicianship, combining a strong groove with wah wah peddle-play and a smooth twist of calm for the middle-8.

Known for his uplifting compositions and often live recordings of organic jam sessions, Omer B continues to light up the space with a clear passion for the fun of making music. Orange Jam is a rhythmic and spacious back and forth to begin with, later adopting a more smooth and soulful progression – complete with new keys and guitar riffs to soften the mood and add another recognisable quality.

Structurally impressive despite the jam aspect of its name, Orange Jam is light and easy-going, fun and musically impressive – a hit of positivity and fun just when you need it. Omer B continues to deliver music to vibe to or escape amidst, designed not simply methodically for the listener, but purely from a love of the artform, so the joy of listening is genuine – a passion imparted, and all the more enjoyable as such.

Featuring Omer B on guitar, alongside bassist Mariam Kubanski, drummer Andrea Ciaccio, with Abramo Riti on Hammond, Orange Jam emerges complete with a live performance visual compilation of each musician at the helm, and has been professionally mastered by Kara Greskovic for that fully immersive studio finish.

Download or stream Orange Jam. Find Omer B on Apple, Facebook, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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