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Olga Solar Tingle Fingers


Olga Solar brings artistic depth to the alternative pop world, her latest release Tingle Fingers seeing her float through somewhere between the likes of Christine and the Queens, Orla Gartland, and Half Moon Run.

There’s a slight trip-hop driven sense of calm and colour to the song, a simple beat and a gentle vocal introduce things, then as the moment evolves, as the intensity rises – passion increases, and the music, the vocals and the lyrics all work in unison to underline this progression.

Stunning vocals and fascinating lyrics set the artist apart, as well as the strangely captivating video that accompanies the song. It feels like a complete process – there’s no question as to why this creative makes music; it comes naturally, it intrigues and appeals, it’s refreshing. The role of the music reviewer in such a case is purely to highlight the reasons why it’s worth getting in on this now – sooner rather than later.

The thought and indeed the effort that has crafted this release speaks volumes for Solar’s approach to making music. There’s something to express, above all else, and this rings loud and clear throughout Tingle Fingers. Descriptive and somewhat cryptic lines utilize poetry to pay tribute to intricate feelings and experiences in a manner that you just don’t come across all too often anymore. It’s a beautiful song, unique in its own quirky and considerate way.

The album Antilullaby is undoubtedly one worth delving into for the fascinating songwriting and the unpredictability alone. There’s something very creatively free about Olga Solar’s musicality, and that’s a quality we ought to embrace – on the rare occasion it manages to emerge through the thick haze of alternative options.

Stream the music on Spotify. Find & follow Olga Solar on Facebook or visit her Website.

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