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OLGA Go Easy on Me


OLGA takes listeners through the regrets and mistakes of a past relationship with the retro groove and unwavering honesty of Go Easy On Me. Leading with unique vocals, a heavy bass-vibe and a rising sense of dance-ready anticipation, the song is surprisingly open about the struggles of love, and this helps it connect in a relatable way.

While the verses seem to veer off into diary-like territory, offering details and individual encounters and experiences, the hook ultimately resolves in a moment of vague yet powerful expression – actually seeing the voice and the near-EDM aura build-up towards something of a Lady Gaga-esque tone.

Production-wise the finish is professional, a particularly noticeable trait during the middle-8 and subsequent final drop to the weight and energy of the chorus. Even so, there’s a fairly spacious and mid-level pace to it all, offering a definite potential for remix – the various sub-genres of EDM could latch onto the hook with ease.

Nicely done, a recognisable and powerful pop song that holds nothing back.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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