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Ole Falcor Anytime Soon


Ambient escapism and sublime vocals shine light on the intricate and imagery-laden songwriting of Ole Falcor’s Anytime Soon.

Built upon a softly evolving soundscape of delicate fragments and a shifting beat, the song captivates for Ole’s poetic and intimate reflections on life and love united. The voice is a key aspect in holding attention well, and while the song is something of a slow-burner, that’s purely to say that it begins as a lovely listen, and progresses to become quite stunning.

Emerging complete with a set of visuals depicting a sunset-soaked Australia, Anytime Soon is an enchanting and uplifting anthem that’s perfectly crafted to hit with impact this summer. What we get is a memorable balance between the atmospheric pop-rock gems that last a lifetime, and the more distinctive, interesting sound of a singer-songwriter with a clear sense of identity and passion to his approach.

Easily a favourite track from the month so far. Unconfined by genre and instead focused on the feeling and intentions of the writing. I look forward to hearing more from Ole Falcor.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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