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Oh Well Forging a False Reality


Fresh from the EP of the same name, Forging A False Reality is a brilliantly creative, experimental yet musically satisfying composition that makes and breaks its own rules throughout.

Fusing an electronic, somewhat industrial beat with fragments of orchestral strings, topped off with a pair of sleepy vocals and distant hints of intensity and angst, the track is as bizarrely unpredictable as it is cinematically captivating.

Creativity leads the way in every respect, from the evolution of the details, to the structure of the piece, to the final weight of the sound and indeed the concept. These chaotic and colourful layers of audio support and enhance the questioning, intriguing, mysterious lyrics in a brilliantly appropriate manner. The journey is striking, confusing, unsettling, and wonderfully entertaining.

In addition, none of these quirks or outlandish traits take anything away from the musicality of the experience. Where you might turn to EDM or trip hop in order to escape the world – or enhance your perception of it – this style of writing, production and performance, makes for the perfect addition to that catalogue of go-to releases. Emotion and unusual artistry meet effectively, appealing from the offset, and compelling the listener on impressive new levels.

Download or stream the project here. Find & follow Ryan Oswald / Oh Well on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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