OGKD - Dash - Stereo Stickman



Creative production offers cinematic detailing just briefly, before an intensely bass-heavy rhythm kicks in and blows up the speakers – OGKD keeps his vocal upfront and crisp for the quirky new anthem Dash.

Clean mixing of the voice contrasts the outright fuzz and weight of that bassline. There’s a dreamy nature to the dashes of synths (pun intended), and there’s an equally laid-back aura to the voice, which isn’t soaked in autotune or effects but appears almost naturally.

The whole set-up manages to prove striking, grabbing attention for its boldness, yet also clearly maintaining a relevant edge of contemporary hip hop.

Blending melody and rap, a carefree storyline and meandering vocal work throughout, Dash introduces OGKD as an artist with his own pathway in mind. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes him in the future.

Download via Apple. Check out OGKD on IG & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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