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OG Rich Carlton For the Clout


Ethereal layers drenched in effects meet with the grittier edge of trap rhythms, as OG Rich Carlton takes full advantage of his time of the mic, with For The Clout.

Unique production is immediately a strength, lo-fi vibes creating a sense of warmth alongside the contemporary beat. Then there’s the clear identity of the voice, likely recognisable from one release to the next.

The flow too offers something of a freestyle, carefree energy for the most part, though certain moments undoubtedly hit with a little more intensity and passion.

Balancing confidence of performance and lyric with that dreamy undertone of the soundscape, For The Clout manages to be the motivational anthem its lyrics imply, and the late-night unwind that music fans tend to seek out after a heavy day. The fusion of the two vibes works well.

Far from the beginning of his journey, OG Rich Carlton has been producing tracks for a decade now, and working his craft as a rapper for five years. He’s also been releasing original tracks in strong supply lately, each one drawing from a different aspect of hip hop’s history but ultimately showcasing that same laid-back devotion to performance and entertaining on the mic – Four Door and Loot make for equally strong examples.

It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes him in the coming months.

Check out OG Rich Carlton on Soundcloud & Instagram.

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