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OG Neuro Stroke Code


Artistically on point yet rooted in the weight of authentic, classic hip hop and production – a newly collaborative creative sciences project entitled OG Neuro aims high and hits the mark, as the infectiously heavy and surprisingly contemplative Stroke Code hits the scene.

Structurally remarkable and musically addictive, Stroke Code swings back and forth between catchy raps and soulful RnB fragments – feeling almost like a medley of its own expressive ideas the first time you experience it.

Weave in a visually pristine, crisp and captivating video, with an ultimately purposeful story at its core, and the release makes sure to grab attention for all the right reasons.

Coming in at way past the four-minute mark, the journey of Stroke Code makes skilful use of intense bass, rhythm, vocal passion and power throughout its consistently intentional evolution. With tribal moments of pace and presence, switches in flow from volume to fast-bars, the whole thing kicks in as the potential future of hip hop fusion.

The ideas intrigue, seem both simple and complex intermittently, and in the end the arrangement speaks on absolute ability production-wise that allows every detail and reference to really connect.

The song’s latter half suddenly takes things into darker and more shocking realms than the simply flashy and fierce implications of the start, and so the underlying meaning begins to unfold.

Fascinating sound-design, familiar yet not, original and faultlessly crafted, not to mention topically poignant. This one’s worth the time it takes to delve in.

Check out the music via OGNeuro.com.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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