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Freak Watch Me (Prod By Thomas Crager)


Watch Me goes hard with a spacious rhythm and flow that fuses the quickness of clever hip-hop and the mellow movement of reggae, all along with a thick bass-line and beat that further the character of the whole thing with simple power. The music is refreshingly organic, leaving plenty of room for the instrumentation to shine and for the leading performance to work its magic.

As an artist, Freak’s confidence and flow draw you right into the centre of the action. Without even picking up on the subject matter initially you’re inclined to pay attention, his voice has the strength and tone to gain interest, and his performance varies relevantly throughout to make-sure that interest is maintained.

It’s a brilliant track, nostalgic in a way as it has a touch of nineties hip-hop sub-genres that focused intently on unpredictable storytelling and entertainment. The rhythm of it all is infectious, the rhyme scheme seems to last forever at first, quickly familiarizing you with the energy and sound. The following first verse brings about an Eminem-like pace and weight – the confidence and the performance far out weigh the simple quickness or volume of the delivery, and all of this together makes for a perfectly fitting collaboration with Thomas Crager’s beat. The unison works well, you can easily get lost in the vibe, and as a rapper Freak gives off an attractive brightness that makes you want to hear more of his stories.

At less than three minutes long more releases are a must. The music strikes as a meeting of genres but expressed in a minimalist way that lays bare the strength of the creativity and the lyricism. There’s no over-loading of the soundscape because it’s simply not needed when the songwriting and artistry are of such a high quality.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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