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Odibi Emotions


Instantly likable production consistently lights up the unique flow and gentle tone of Odibi, as the addictive new single Emotions blends vulnerability with good vibes and natural style.

From the outset pairing organic piano with other-worldly synths and a sense of quiet and chaos cleverly intertwining, Emotions accesses ever-familiar reflections on infatuation and desire, but does so with an impressive fusion of quickness and calm.

The vocal pours through with unpredictable rhythm and changes in tone, the soundscape rising and falling like waves of recognisable design, and meanwhile the crisp finish allows the listener to get fully immersed in the journey.

Offering both uncertainty and longing, satisfaction in the progression and particularly the drop to the hook’s repeat, Emotions is a song that feels perfectly capable of making its way up through the rankings this season. Odibi’s careful fusion of genres and this ultimately engaging groove pairs with his tentative and catchy vocals in a way that’s easy to love. A definite must for the weeks ahead, and hopefully there’s plenty more music in the pipeline.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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