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Artist and songwriter OBLIVEA injects a heavy and heartfelt alternative hit into the modern rock scene with this cascading, distorted yet melodic new single ONE MORE TRY.

Co-written by Benjamin Kyle, David Ivory, James Sparks and Tommy ‘D’, the song brings together the fierce embrace of hard rock with a clearly contemporary vocal influence and an ultimately creative, passionate core.

OBLIVEA puts in a genuine and mighty performance throughout the changing stages of the track. Mellow verses allow the rasp and vulnerability of the tone and concept to reach out. Then there’s the sudden weight and ache of the hook – an outcry loaded with authenticity thanks to a clear connection to the subject matter.

It’s a voice born to perform in this way, and it’s elevated all the more so thanks to a multi-layered rock soundscape complete with crashing drums and soulful solos to round things up.

Ultimately declaring a need for one more dance, one more chance – ONE MORE TRY is every bit as hopeful and longing as its title implies. A strong introduction to the artist.

Find out more about OBLIVEA via Bongo Boy Records.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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