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OBIS Starbound


Classic dance vibes pour through beautifully on OBIS’ latest single Starbound – as well as a heavy hit of all that’s unexpected and energizing.

Showcasing an appealing and immediate EDM backbone, the track bursts through with a high energy beat from the offset, and things build stylishly towards the soulful dance-floor smash of the release’s mid-section pretty quickly. This is where you get the added benefit of the featured vocal – the track becomes a song, complete with an entrancing melody and a sense of emotion and humanity.

As a producer, OBIS fuses the better parts of both of these worlds in a skillful and ultimately engaging way. The soundscape gathers momentum brilliantly, dropping later on into the full-throttle power of a distorted, heavy dose of deep house. And still the various sections of the song satisfy and make sense – this less than four minute journey offers a whirlwind of moments, all of which fit the experience well, and all of which you find yourself keenly anticipating the next time you press play.

A fine finish accompanies a superb display of ability and awareness musically, introducing OBIS as being partially influenced by the great EDM classics of yesteryear, and partly enveloped by his own creative freedom and a long-standing love for dance music in general.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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