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OBIS Better Off


L.A. based producer and artist OBIS drives with genuine heart and soul on this latest release Better Off. While it’s easy to gather together the multiple layers of the song and talk about genre and style, it undoubtedly makes a difference to how you receive the song when you consider the emotion and intention behind it.

Better Off is a notably upbeat, uplifting piece of music and writing – the sound is immediately energizing, bright and hopeful. These somewhat retro synths rain down around you, followed by a heavily effected, electronic vocal, and a subsequently entrancing and comforting EDM soundscape that seems perfectly well-suited to those moments of clarity and excitement as the sun sets. Mixed in among this though is a concept genuinely intended to encourage these feelings of possibility and strength, which effectively heightens the reach of the song in a huge way.

The music and the underlying sentiments work beautifully together. OBIS has been through heartache, as have so many of those likely to stumble upon the song, and he has come out on the other side with a genuine lust for life and a belief that there is always more – always something better and more worthy of your time. This single in its entirety represents and in fact encapsulates that progression from pain to power, from struggle to strength. Even with so few lyrics, you can feel the positive energy of the composition and the experiences that led to it.

The whole thing celebrates going your own way, not needing a certain someone else in order to live your best life, and it does so with a fine balance between creativity, passion, and professionalism. An easy track to enjoy and one well worth indulging in at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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