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O.D.D Executive Order


From the EP The Disorder, Executive Order works as a heavy and gritty piece of hard rock that showcases proudly the creative direction and passion of O.D.D. The song has a lot going for it, the sound isn’t merely one thing or another – the structure of it allows for certain creative variations, and this makes it all the more interesting.

The introduction feels like you’re ascending in the lift towards the upper levels of action. The verses offer a rhythmic and snappy bit of story line, a vocal contained in a distant cave of effects, the instrumentation here has a light yet fairly distinct, hypnotic energy. Later on, the hook has weight and warmth, a clearer vocal, a clearer and perhaps softer melody – this whole section arrives as a resolving wall of memorable satisfaction. The further you get into it, the more these moments extend and evolve, leading eventually into a classic and compelling guitar solo, one that is given plenty of space by the surrounding performances and then is enhanced immensely by their return.

At various times during the track there are different hints of influence and inspiration, none of it lasts a very long time, and generally you’re inclined to accept and enjoy this as something refreshingly new. And of course, all of it ends with a trip back down to the lower floors where you can step out and return to the quiet of reality. The contrast here is what really helps the music hit hard. Fans of classic, authentic and creatively free rock music will likely be drawn in and captivated by O.D.D and everything they’re about. Definitely give the new EP a listen in full to get properly connected.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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