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Nurtuan Never Give Up (Feat. Johnny Crown)


Fusing a powerful pop-rock backdrop with a world-inspired vocal chorus and an edge of hip hop, Never Give Up from Nurtuan is a hard-hitting and fairly unforgettable new single.

Featuring the additional talents of Johnny Crown, Never Give Up draws strength from every passionate and skillful performance within. The song builds up and up, evolving energetically through various stages of multiplying colour and volume. Beginning with a delicate and dreamlike few moments, the song makes its intentions clear from the offset, and though there’s an element of keen anticipation to that intro – the drop to the full-throttle weight of what follows is impressively unexpected.

Never Give Up gets better and better as it moves along. What starts as a simple and fairly personal outpouring soon becomes something much more immersive and inclusive of everyone. There’s a huge sense of unity and togetherness to the track, and the contrast between the mellow rap delivery and the anthem-like hook lets it hit with all the more impact.

The stages of the song keep you involved and interested, and this fusion of genres is beautiful – and perfectly well suited to the emotional power the piece inherently represents. That very concept of never giving up is passed over to the listener in levels unquestionable. The music lifts you up, and the lyrics work in unison to do the same.

A powerful song, and one that’s easy to recognise thanks to its uniquely creative set-up and a genre-free approach to composition.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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