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Numba Foe keeps things laid-back and personal with this latest EP release Fukdawrld. Beginning with the gentle ambiance of Intro (prod. KAMI), the project sees the artist calmly deliver his carefree lyrics over a series of dreamlike riffs and synths and a mellow drum-line.

Level up follows the opener with more of that same sense of character, the sleepy vocal tone suits the light and mellow vibe of the music, so pretty quickly you come to terms with the approach – and if you’re feeling tired or over the day yourself, this sort of playlist will accompany that mood really well.

MadMaX (prod. blackmayo x izak) takes things in a different direction, the opening moments offer an acoustic riff, the beat hits with more weight and impact, and subsequently the rap flow is more intense – there’s volume here, additional vocal fragments reinforce the intensity of that leading voice. The energy is higher, the track wants your attention and means what it points out. The sentiments are well represented, there’s a sense of confidence and attitude to the whole thing that fits in with the alternative, dark and partly organic soundscape.

Latest (prod. vandal2k) is a personal favourite from this playlist, the darkness falls heavy around the listener – those riffs are haunting, striking, and in among this are a series of gentle yet unsettling vocals. That laid back charm still stands tall – you know the voice now, the performance style has personality and makes sense within the project. While there are several clear connections to the contemporary hip hop world in general, there’s also plenty that holds true to Numba Foe’s own artistry and expression – these are the threads that keep the EP together.

Fake Friends (prod. by C Fre$h) is another highlight and a great way to end this project. The musicality is unique, flickers of guitar contrast with a bass-heavy beat and a clear level of space. The vocal performance varies, adding structure to the track – each section brings something new into the mix and helps keep the song interesting. There are also more than a few lyrics here that captivate – that truthfulness and the emotion, the detail; these stand out notably for perhaps the first time.

If you then go back and re-listen to the EP, you pick up on more conceptual lines, but this final track is still defiantly a lyrical high-point for its intricacies and the story-telling at its core. That passionate hook is also a huge selling point – something melodic and meaningful to connect with. Fukdawrld undoubtedly gets better and better as it moves along. Numba Foe has a memorable voice that’s likely to work in his favour over time.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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