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Nsy Roro Heavy Metal Freestyle


Just fifteen years of age and aiming high with a rap freestyle that draws you in and holds you captive for a mere yet mighty minute – Canada’s Nsy Roro drives with passion, skill, confidence and chaotic relaying of his truth, throughout this dark and immersive Heavy Metal Freestyle.

Short yet striking, the track leads with a simple, haunting soundscape, and a vocal clarity and depth that’s refreshing in an age of auto-tune and overly attention-grabbing backing tracks.

The humility in the presentation is contrasted by genuine confidence on the mic – bars that impress, that feel honest and fearless in being so. Also the grit and character of Nsy Roro’s voice breathes further life into the authenticity and appeal of his sound.

Far too short if anything, but it’s much better to leave your audience wanting more than to overstay an uncertain welcome. A bold and memorable introduction – hopefully there’s plenty more music and freestyles to come.

Check out the music on all platforms via this link or follow Nsy Roro on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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