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Novacane Whatever Happens Next


Boasting over a million streams and counting, thanks to a clear fusion of precision, passion and purpose, producer and rapper Novacane delivers a string of original releases, each one devoted to a new ambient realm of creative expression.

From the lo-fi combination of organic piano and the fuzzy crackle of nostalgic vinyl, GIRLFRIEND proceeds to blend dreamy escapism with subtle flickers of longing, and movement towards a significant shift in vibe and colour.

The later section brings in horns to further that organic reach, and this artistic redirection proves a calling card of Novacane throughout his catalogue.

The 2022 album Whatever Happens Next is equally scene-setting, taking listeners to the places implied by the titles, and utilising often brief timespans to weave stories of personal and characterful origins.

Everything from the simplicity and calm of the soundscapes to the equal delicacy and depths of the voice and lyrics feeds further into this notably human, intentional style of crafting music – the sort that listeners can commit to entirely, as a means of washing out the weight and noise of the outside world.

Every once in a while, intensity takes the reins, such as throughout Inside The Mind Of Novacane, and rightfully so. The writing is fearlessly honest, laying bare vulnerabilities and desires as much so as creating a welcoming arena of sound and warmth; ideal for music fans looking for something authentic and new.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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