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NOSTROMO Control (Feat. Gilda Betancourt)


Fresh from the album Love Songs To Die 2, and featuring the delicately soulful vocals of Gilda Betancourt, producer NOSTROMO showcases impeccable sound design and dance prowess with this single.

Beginning with a full and immediately vibrant soundscape, layers of synths and detail rain down in a quickly energizing fashion. There are hints of nostalgia to the style, amidst more than a few moments of creative freshness – signature traits that are likely to run throughout the artist’s work.

Soon enough, the weight falls away, laying bare a mellow rhythm, a more trip-hop-soaked ambiance, and the simple story-telling and engaging emotion of Betancourt’s leading voice.

Where the majority of dance-pop tracks bring through a progressive rise up from softness to intensity, this piece seems to emerge in the opposite manner. The EDM-inspired introduction is proceeded by an almost dance-hall-like bounce of a laid-back, alt-pop aura. In this new setting, the vocals really stand tall, and meanwhile the overall groove of Control entrances and captivates in a likable manner.

A decidedly unique piece of music and performance. Partly familiar in style and set-up, but brilliantly interesting at the same time; in its own refreshing way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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