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Northwoods Memories


Impassioned acoustic soul folk rising into subtle rock – an intimate yet bold performance, from Denver four-piece Northwoods.

Memories feels like a timeless classic, introducing from the outset a smooth and recognisable guitar riff, following this with distinct and evocative vocal depth, and slowly but surely increasing the instrumental support and presence of the arrangement as per the changing stages of the song.

Subtle distortion and reverb help bring through the rock roots of the band, as well as the subtle vocal rasp of frontman Austin Woods. The band are committed to authenticity though, their music is honest and reflective in everything from lyric to performance, and the purity of Memories provides a fine testament to that quality.

The song is melancholic in many ways, but uplifting in many others – it feels like a deeply personal relaying of past times, but also offers the warmth of relatable escapism thanks to its vagueness and conceptual accessibility. These aren’t just the songwriter’s memories, they could be yours; they could take you home in the same comforting way, and there’s always value in that audience awareness and closeness combined.

The accompanying video promises some exclusive behind the scenes clips from the recording of Memories, and gifts fans an inside look at the passion and focus that goes into the making of a heartfelt original song of this nature.

To celebrate the launch of Memories, Northwoods will be playing a show at the Black Buzzard in Denver, CO, on May 24th – Presented by Sonic Guild Colorado. Find the band on Instagram or visit their Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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