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NORNA i’m so breaded


Enchanting origins create an immediately alluring ambiance, as NORNA pairs intensely heavy bass with euphoric layers of voice and synth, for the dreamy and hypnotic i’m so breaded.

Leading with distant yet expressive vocals, the song places our protagonist somewhat distantly within an otherwise vibrant and immersive, ethereal yet energising soundscape.

The voice is unrelenting as it pours through with a series of long-form melodies, often feeling like a freestyle on some occasions, but always resolving to this title-line and concept for recognisability; in line with those unmistakable synths of delicacy raining down in the outskirts. That descending riff is a key trait of the release, the bass-line too – uniting classic house in both pace and intensity with the dreamier, evocative aspects of alternative pop and EDM.

Ultimately, the NORNA sound emerges as true to the identity and style of the artist – a unique thread of purpose and creative freedom running throughout.

With the accompanying visuals, we get more of this – our leading character exploring the topic and threads of personality with captivating visuals. We also get a little more insight as to the fast-paced, fearlessly uninhibited lyrics, and there appear to be equal parts quirky, carefree expressions and more haunting, deeply reflective and even heartbreaking contemplations.

The balance works well, and the softness of the voice in contrast with the weight of the bassline and beat furthers that juxtaposed conceptual intention. Some unexpectedly glitchy final moments also help reinforce this blending of calmness and chaos, as well as recapturing any wandering minds for one last hit of connection as the track fades out.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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