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Nolan Luxury Rap


From blissful sound design to compelling poetic story-telling and a mellow yet captivating vocal lead, Nolan’s Luxury Rap is an album that pours through like a dream and connects on a calming, authentic level.

Refusing to adhere to a single genre’s rules, this project kicks into gear with a title track that stylishly blends the bounce of reggae with the ambiance of trip hop and the thoughtful lyricism of conscious rap. Everything is subtle yet impressive, humble yet confident in its own believable way.

As the project continues, creativity stands taller still. A broad range of concepts and moods are presented, each one holding close to this now familiar Nolan style; these breathy, delicate vocals, the faultless rhythms, the uniquely engaging musicality. From Uncut Gems with its stop-start pulse of progression, through Fly, with its sudden anthem-like weight, certain moments feel considerately crafted, others feel like an outright freestyle.

Sherpa follows on with equally dark vibes and the same breathless delivery that tips its hat to contemporary trap and hip hop. Then there’s the sudden drama and creativity of Lost in Luxury (Interlude) – piano and experimentation intertwine for a powerful break from lyricism.

A scene-setting LS 2020 strikes as a conceptually relevant highlight. Experimental again, particularly during the hook as a warped melody envelops you, but still paying tribute to the tones of modern hip hop. Once more, these bars feel like a stream of consciousness for the most part.

Singer Amber Nicole features on a surprinsgly optimistic, intimate and brighter sounding Skyline. An alt-pop hit with a fine use of contrast between moments and performance-styles – an easy-listening highlight for late nights. Vibin then rightfully picks up the pace and offers an energising moment that again lights up another side to the artist.

Game is easily one of the most memorable and intentional tracks on the project. Featuring Yung Flacko, voices intertwine and collide amidst an artistically dark and unusual soundscape.

Then there’s the fuzz and rhythm of a motivational Rockstar Life. Retro sound design and a rising and falling chord progression help give this an anthem-feel once again – a touch of early Eminem can be heard musically, though still this vocal style is undoubtedly Nolan.

Outro breaks things down to the bare essentials with the natural sound of waves and another moment of blissful scene-setting. Then Blind Dollar$ injects a heavy hit of swagger and energy to finish things up with a bang. Another definite highlight, with a certain grit and determination about it that captivates amidst such a dark, addictive beat.

A master of relentless bars and ambient craft-work alike, Nolan offers up an insomniac’s ideal playlist with this album.

Grab the album via Bandcamp. Find & follow Nolan on Facebook & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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