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Nohom Invoice / Furious / Agony


Creative producer Nohom crafts uniquely cinematic, detailed soundscapes amidst surprisingly fast-paced, energetic dance beats throughout an array of original releases.

Invoice makes for a strong starting point, immediately raising the pulse but also quickly drawing your focus to these unsettling echoes of hustle and mild industrial chaos. The drum pounds, nostalgia calls, yet so does this refreshing, artistic edge that is the fascinating way in which the producer has built the track. You wonder about the connection to the title, the implications, and as the post-seven-minute journey progresses you become more and more embroiled in this hypnotic audio rat-race.

Furious is a similarly intriguing, retro-electronic experience – the style undoubtedly proving true to the Nohom artistic approach. Here we’re thrust into this industrial world of rebellion and anger, rising anticipation and volume, increasing layers and rhythms.

The composition seems to spiral out and around you, enveloping your mind and body as it intensifies – perfectly well encapsulating the very concept of fury and the progression from clarity to outright anger and disconnection.

It’s rare to find producers of this kind of gritty, minimalist yet intense techno and alternative dance music these days. Nohom clearly throws himself into the creative process as both a fan and a composer, and this is why these extensive and classic yet contemporary explorations of sound prove so addictive and effective in this realm.

For those who know, the sound is enough to drown out the weight of the world and create a whole new space for the mind and body to escape into. This is what brought people together for this style and its related events in the first place.

Agony is a stand-out release from the recent collection, not least of all for its change in set-up and the reverberating, intensifying echo of overly compressed rhythm that leads you into it. There’s a certain warmth and fuzz to this sound, which cradles the space-like electronic beeps and melodic fragments in the same way that it cradles the listener. The whole thing is entrancing, increasingly calming, and ultimately invigorating as it continues to climb towards these unpredictable peaks.

A definite highlight, a blissful quality to the mix lets it really wash over in a fully mesmerising fashion, transporting you in an instant to somewhere much more understanding of your complexity as a human. The rhythms and details embrace you, and the louder you listen, the more strangely calming this relentless pace and looping conceptual energy becomes.

It’s almost like the soothing lull of an engine at work, repeating and keeping things moving and alive – not unlike the heart that beats within us. Well worth experiencing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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