NohBodie - Falling/Falling - Stereo Stickman

NohBodie Falling/Falling


Great sound design and colorful optimism kick off this new single from NohBodie in a creatively fresh, organic way. What follows is an equally likable groove, and a faster-paced vocal that blends rap and melody in a manner that feels mellow yet energetic all at once.

NohBodie showcases a few different flows throughout this single. Fast bars lay out the detail and rhythm, meanwhile the guitar-led ambiance keeps things chilled and genuine musically, and all the while the structure allows for multiple resolves and changes in direction to keep you interested.

Offering equal parts melody and story-telling, there’s as much in the way of satisfying progressions as there is scene-setting and intimacy. The song’s hook is a huge part of what helps it connect – the return to this moment, the simple repeat of the title concept, the up-front, accessible sound of the voice.

The whole thing feels like contemporary pop or hip hop-fusion but with a notably authentic, unaffected purity to the delivery. It’s a refreshing approach, and speaks volumes on behalf of what we can hopefully expect creatively from NohBodie as time goes by.

Download or stream Falling here. Check out NohBodie on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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