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Noella Usborne Not A Chance


Noella Usborne tackles intimacy and a fear of being broken by love on this latest single. Leading with unquestionable honesty, the song is open and relatable for its genuine approach to contemporary relationship issues.

The way Not A Chance has been set-up, the various sections and the switch from quietness to moments that are far more full sounding, it all helps reinforce the meandering emotional sentiments of the song. At the same time, Noella’s accessible and easy-going voice becomes a little more recognizable with each new release, and in this case there’s a clearly colourful, creative nature to the soundscape and indeed to the stylistic choices production-wise – which furthers that level of identity. The result is a track that’s relevant to a pop-driven modern world, but that also leans in an honest and characterful direction – likely further securing Noella Usborne’s place as an original artist within the future of music.

Throughout Not A Chance, there’s something optimistic about the sound of the instrumentation and the melody, but this contrasts heavily with the skepticism at the heart of the writing. Rather than bring you down with doubts though, the song works well to present these genuine thoughts in a more upbeat manner – suggesting strength and possibility as the underlying, driving factor. Another enjoyable and respectably real bit of writing and performance.

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