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Noel Johnson (NDJ) So Out of Style


Introducing himself on a defiant high, Noel Johnson (NDJ) offers up this near-seven-minute pop-rock song of poetic depth and personal reflection.

It’s a beautifully melodic, organic piece of music and writing, passionately performed, and it weaves around listeners a stronger web of intrigue and appeal with every few moments that pass.

A decidedly unique artist and individual, Noel’s background includes a series of difficulties, the likes of which undoubtedly impacted his creative reach and perspective in life over the years. Now content with a home studio and artistic routine in place, So Out Of Style makes for a bold leap back into the indie music world. It’s a thoughtfully written and gorgeously captured piece of music, which effectively meanders through its various ideas and story-line in an unexpectedly captivating way.

There’s plenty of talk about love, optimism, the future, the present, but there’s also plenty of struggle, uncertainty, pain – all of which increasingly draws intrigue.

Despite its title, the song is incredibly poignant and powerful right now, seeming absolutely on point, topically in style, and relevant to the state of our world as it stands. Fortunately, the structure of this fairly epic composition includes a clear movement from melancholy and resentment towards something far more hopeful and positive.

It’s no easy journey, these lives we live, but it’s a journey well worth experiencing. This song, for me at least, seems to represent and highlight precisely this concept. Really well done, I look forward to the longer project.

* * *

Only fools still believe in peace – And it’s not cool to open your heart of hearts, and love every part; no son that’s not smart – But I don’t care, what anyone may say, because this is the day that love has made…

The world is trying to wake up, if we only let it…

* * *

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