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Noah Fabray Miami


Dreamy keys with a retro production overtone guide us into the colourful and intimate new dance-pop single from songwriter and artist Noah Fabray.

Notably a step in a fresh direction, Miami quickly draws interest with tribal rhythms and an equally rhythmic, infectious hook progression. It’s a strong way to start, and gives the song an immediately memorable edge that only grows brighter as the song evolves.

Simple in set-up but utilising contrast on top of this to further the four chord embrace with fullness and multi-layered chaotic energy during the subsequent moments, Miami proves both contemplative and uplifting, and showcases the unique vocal meandering of Noah Fabray in an impressive and characterful way.

Perhaps the catchiest and most creatively satisfying release yet from Noah, Miami reinvents the contemporary sound with this smooth fusion of RnB, dancehall and alternative pop.

The melody feels new yet addictive as it rains down, particularly that hook, and overall we get an earworm of a track that coincides with an alluring introduction to an artist carving out a fresh pathway in modern music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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