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NOA|AON Bitter Sweet Symphony (London Grammar Remix)


This is an incredible piece of music. The precision showcased via the soundscape’s intricate detail is matched only by the magnitude of the collective ambiance; the build up, the emotion, the choices made as to when and where the original snippets of music will float within the mix – it’s a phenomenal track.

Being familiar with the song, as most music fans will be, from the original release by The Verve – the progression of its mediums for delivery always intrigues. Far too often though, an attempt on a classic falls short – either through trying too hard or, quite frankly, barely trying at all. In this case, the release is stunning – the music thrills and enthuses, it’s the sort that you can turn up loud and embrace; drowning your concerns in the uplifting, shiver-inducing energy of the mix.

NOA|AON is an artist, a creative producer with an unwavering passion and ear for crafting music of impact. AON is the reflection of NOA, and the idea, the movement, encourages an All Or Nothing approach to life. You either do or you do not. There is no middle road. You only really need to listen to this single release to get a broader understanding of this as a concept. At well over five minutes long the remix offers an incomparable journey through rhythm, emotion, and musical artistry – never getting complacent, never failing to amaze or excite or satisfy.

The latter half of the track features the ultimate meeting of every element from the build up; the vocals, those passionate, powerful moments of melody, the thickness of the beat, the intensity of the synths and surrounding sounds. The atmospheric energy of it is beautiful, yet the pace and evolution is something much more. It’s impossible to not be moved by the track, to not be inspired or at the very least motivated to get up and go. NOA|AON is unquestionably a producer and creative with a desire and skill-set ready and equipped for brilliance. Well worth a follow.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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