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No Bondom Geronimo, The EP


Creative production and a genre-blending, conceptual introduction lay bare the No Bondom voice and scene-setting ability with ease as Geronimo, The EP kicks into gear.

That artistic thread starts off strongly for Intro, and is followed up by further expressive and musically energising creativity as Lucy, I’m Home brings in the bars, the tone, the story-telling and the background.

This intelligent writing met with simple laid-back references and plenty that is easy and pop-like (Moppin, of recent hit inspiration) joins forces with cinematic production and detail that helps make the whole EP consistently eclectic.

The voice is the loudest calling card, this melodic and rap contrast, the repetition and the openness emotionally – Match Energy showcases all of this.

Then we get a dash of retro-gamer vibrancy and catchy rhythm as Room 105 makes for a definite highlight. The voice and the nostalgic synths, the space, the words and the confidence, all feels like a classic hit from eras past – RnB and Hip Hop intertwined.

Those creative, cinematic and somewhat industrial intricacies return as No Exit Outro washes through and re-elevates the artistry of the project. Then there’s the added benefit of Match Energy Remix for an even heavier anthem vibe to bring things to a close.

No Bondom inject high energy and freedom of production into the contemporary scene, along with plenty of personality, and a clearly natural way with performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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