NIK:11 - S E 7 E N - Stereo Stickman

NIK:11 S E 7 E N


Fast-paced and faultlessly produced – NIK:11 showcases the best of a conceptual and skilful approach to sound-design, as the official release of S E 7 E N weaves a boldly enveloping web around viewers and listeners alike.

Far from an introduction to the artist, but a mighty elevation of the name regardless, S E 7 E N proves a relentlessly immersive, high-octane house track – one that carves out its own pathway in modern music, with nostalgic and quickly original details combined.

Produced by VODZILLA, the audio alone is intense and wildly energising. To then witness the accompanying video, created and directed by David Azer, complete with its short-film presence and the haunting, Halloween-ready themes and images, is to embark upon an all the more consuming cinematic journey.

NIK:11 has mastered the art of escapism with this release. Both the music and visuals work hard to bring talent, intrigue, intensity and professionalism to centre stage.

Filmed in a renowned ghost town in Las Vegas, (Nelson Ghost Town), the video generates a clear sense of darkness that was notably felt by all involved during its making. The creepy undertones of voice and production intricacies all further that naturally unsettling vibe, resulting in a project that captivates and will likely stand the test of time; thanks to its unconfined creativity and fearlessly heavy presentation.

Grab the music & links here or check out NIK:11 on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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