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NickCastle Footwork (DJ Set)


Madrid’s NickCastle has arranged a dream of a live set for DnB and dance fans far and wide. Working its way up from ambient, hypnotic beginnings, through vibrant and energizing tracks, each one flowing on beautifully from the last, July’s Footwork is an inspiring collection of instrumentals that light up the room with ease.

Spanning across the best part of an hour, Footwork compiles some timeless classics with a fresh edge of compositions less celebrated, selecting only the finest beats, melodies and progressions, to lay out an ever-evolving yet consistently engaging and immersive experience.

Whatever you need it for, the set works its magic thanks to professional selection, arrangement and mixing. Get fired up for the weekend, or bring yourself back down to earth at the end of it. Better yet, let this be your Monday morning consistency and calm rolled into one.

Featuring a refreshing array of tracks, an alternative take on bass-driven music for the most part, the set is initially ambient and easy to escape into. There’s a certain delicacy to many of the tracks chosen, despite their fast pace and often high-octane feel. These multi-layered, finely crafted soundscapes have been masterfully incorporated by a clear professional at work, and the result is something that feels new, exciting in being so, yet also reliable to a limitless degree.

Shaw-casing a fully fledged progression throughout the night’s music, from ambient and melodic, dance-inspiring good vibes, right the way through to the heavier, darker, early-morning creepers and tribal rhythms alike, you can dip in and out of the set whenever. Press play and turn things up loud, get back to work – these primarily lyric-free tracks make sure to keep the heart beating strong and the mind clear and focused.

We’ve all been missing the live music and club scenes over the past few months. Nothing quite compares to the real deal, but grab some high quality headphones or speakers, and this original set from NickCastle will try its very hardest to be the next best thing.

Beautifully done, an eclectic and consistently interesting, energizing and awakening new set. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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