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Nick Snipes Don’t Fall


Cinematic detailing quickly appeals for its stylistic originality and ambiance, as Nick Snipes slowly but surely crafts an intriguing and purposeful web of contemplation, with Don’t Fall.

Aptly romantic and soulful in its own time, the opening fifty seconds lead us down a pathway of scene-setting that’s notably unique. Then we progress into the groove of the track, lo-fi rhythms and distance with a kind of raw instrumental simplicity, alongside blissfully emotive vocals that meander from quiet reflections to near-falsetto peaks.

Melodically Don’t Fall is as unique as its production, yet with that experimental thread there’s also a strength of tune and evolution – the mid-section evolves into dreamy dance realms, and the latter half almost explodes into view, but instead leaves a lingering sense of rising anticipation; aptly representing the feeling of love as exciting yet uncertain and sometimes even disappointingly brief.

The final moments bring through nostalgic, yesteryear strings for more of that cinematic presence, and again – even despite the creativity and eclecticism – Nick’s voice remains a thread of identity and humanity. The voice, in tone and journey, holds things together with realness, personal emotion, and something listeners can relate to and pinpoint across future releases.

Really nicely done, professional yet artistic as can be. I look forward to hearing more from Nick Snipes.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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