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Nick Galecki Hold On (Feat. Tempo)


The building blocks that make up Hold On are quite clearly the sort more commonly opposed to one another when you consider genres or audience preference. The opening moments bring together an acoustic guitar and something more notably rooted in electronica; on the verge of bursting into a huge EDM soundscape. As things progress, the track undoubtedly has that kind of feel. The vocal offers brightness, an uplifting and energetic, pop-inspired performance – the sort you might usually expect to feature in an EDM-fusion piece over anything more guitar-led or rock-like.

What this presents the listener with from the offset is a fairly varied string of influences or points of inspiration. Both Tempo and Nick Galecki alike share in this vastness, being unconfined by style but simply knowing what the end product ought to be – and finding their way towards it with freely creative, passionate minds.

At three minutes and twenty seconds long, the song hits like a pop classic and is easily radio-ready. Even when you consider the lyrics, the opening line – we’re gonna take over the world – and everything that follows, it’s inclusive, empowering; there’s a certain joy or accessible pleasantry to the whole thing. Hold On is a song for anyone, for everyone, and the hook provides the essential moment of resolve and something of an ear-worm to take away with you.

The synths featured throughout have a slightly retro feel – think 90’s Euro-dance in some respects, but this again adds to that carefree desire to simply create music; by whatever means necessary. The song is hopeful, it celebrates love, it gives off a positive glow – the latter half in particular – and there’s plenty of value in everything that’s been utilized in order to build it. That retro touch adds something endearing and genuine to the whole experience, as well as perhaps introducing a signature characteristic of Galecki’s work.

Hold On was produced by Nick Galecki & features singer & songwriter Tempo. Stream the single on Spotify. Visit Nick Galecki’s Website for more information.

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