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nicholos Secrets (feat. Pluto Koi)


Folk-pop simplicity and subtle electronic warmth meets with clear personality and lyrical appeal, throughout the catchy and compelling Secrets, from artist and songwriter nicholos.

Built upon the standard blocks of likable folk-pop – cleanly mixed, structurally effective by reinforcing the changing emotions and melodies with the appropriate underlying energy instrumentally – Secrets rises up from easy, quirky beginnings, to the uplifting and near euphoric exclamation of gratitude.

It’s a hugely colourful hook, and it resolves beautifully from the two-note progression and long-form lyricism of the verses.

Emerging with the strength of a timeless, perhaps unexpected hit, there’s a subtlety to Secrets that allows its concept and mood to connect and linger all the more memorably. And as should be the case with such a humble ear-worm, the song offers a little more light and a few more appreciative elements each new time you delve in.

Really nicely done – well worth a few streams this side of the summer. Strong production allows the slow and steady evolution to really brighten the room.

Single out April 22nd. Check out nicholos on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & his Website. Follow Pluto Koi on Instagram & Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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