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Neon Transmission These Games (Groove Foundation Recordings)


Deep house and delicately soulful vocals fuse beautifully on this latest three-piece release from Neon Transmission. Complete with alternative remixes, the track makes certain to leave its mark in a subtle yet addictive manner.

The heavy warmth of the beat and the gentle synth-driven soundscape in general offer the classic entrancing groove of house music from way back when, gifting the listener with both nostalgia and freshness in terms of how clean and crisp the finish is. At the same time, these hypnotic vocals work on you in an alternatively emotional fashion – connecting for their poetic references and for their relatable qualities alike. The melody is a smooth and natural ear-worm – a welcomed embrace. The balance is humble, but it works.

The track doesn’t scream out for attention – instead, it slowly but surely lulls you into the centre of the experience. The dead of the night calls out – those careful transitions from high energy to trip-hop infused softness and calm are precisely where These Games will stand the tallest. Equally though, the backdrop to your day can always benefit from the classic, energizing pulse of authentic deep house.

Neon Transmission is an EDM project founded and led by South London creative Ru Goddard. His twenty years of experience in music and sound design allow the natural strengths of this type of track to work their magic in just about any setting.

These Games was released on Groove Foundation Recordings on March 21st on all major digital platforms. Download it via iTunes or BeatPort. Find & follow Neon Transmission on Instagram or visit their Website. Check out Groove Foundation Recordings via their Website.

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